Mission Statement

Our mission here at Moxxy headquarters can be summed up in a couple words - create and grow community support and keep moms with their kids. Nothing is more important than family - and here, our customers are family. When you buy Moxxy, you are allowing a mom to stay close to her kids and also provide for her family. You are supporting women who are doing what they are passionate about - bringing trendy styles and accessories to your little ones. And, most importantly, you are fostering a community that surrounds customers and friends with support and love. 

We pour our hearts into every piece we produce. Our quality along with our particular style sets us apart, but even more than that, it’s the care we put into every stitch of every piece. Our goal is to be approachable and involved. We can honestly say that many of our customers have become our friends, and that’s the beauty of Moxxy - when you buy, you aren’t just buying a beautiful, handmade piece of clothing … you’re entering a community, supporting families (6 families, to be exact), and building and encouraging the growth of something positive. 

This is what Moxxy represents. 

Togetherness. Lifting. Growth. 

And some really, really cute stuff.