Links to Moxxy on social media? 

You can find our social media avenues by clicking the Moxxy Handmade banner at the top of each page and scrolling down to where it says "Follow Us"!

How do I care for my Moxxy items? 

All Moxxy items are machine washable. A natural fabric softener such as Mrs. Meyers or Ecover will soften items that could use some love. Wash with like colors on warm, hang to dry for extra preservation or tumble dry low.

What is the turnaround time for preorders?

Current turnaround times are always posted with each release and on each individual listing. Some items take longer than others, and some are ready to ship. Please read individual item listings! 

What are Moxxy's Terms & Conditions?

Inspect your items upon receiving them to ensure you received the item you ordered and everything looks and works the way it should.

We are humans and not machines. Everything we send out is produced with handmade care. Every item may not be 100% perfect, but we do our best to inspect every item before it is listed and sold. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding quality control to our customer service email address - moxxyhelp@gmail.com


 Are accepted within 7 days of the customer's order stating "delivered" on tracking information for clean / unwashed / unused items. Please email us before you return the item(s) so we know who the return is coming from. Refunds will be issued when Moxxy receives the item. 

Buying items second hand voids warranty.  Fabric issues (such as holes) are not covered once they leave the original purchasers hand. Elastic warranty is 6 months, valid for the original purchaser. In the event of faulty elastic, we will either replace the elastic, replace the item or offer a full refund, at our discretion.

Returns are not accepted on any items in washed, worn or used condition. Normal wear is not considered a manufacturing defect. Different fabrics may wear differently depending on your water, wash routine, detergents, etc. Minor fabric wear is not a manufacturing defect. 

Bleeding and fading are not considered defects. We take every precaution to ensure fabric will not bleed or fade more than normal.  Some water heaters are set hotter than others, and because of this we cannot guarantee that a fabric will not bleed its color or fade. We suggest using color catchers with new items as a precaution. Clean color catchers may be re-used! For fading, you may  treat with Retayne if you think a fabric has a tendency to fade. We pre-wash all fabrics before manufacturing.

Seconds and slight seconds are sold with a disclaimer as to why they are a "seconds quality" item. They are sold without warranty or guarantee for the flaw, and will not be accepted for return, repair or refund for their flaw only. 

For all purchases, we will ONLY ship to the address provided in Paypal. Please be sure that your address is correct in Paypal when you checkout.  


In the instance of an oversell, we will try to honor the oversell if we have the ability to do so. If we are not able to honor an oversell, the item will go to the individual with the earliest checkout and we will issue a full refund to the individual(s) who purchased the oversold item. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!